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Traditionally the Home page will have one of two main functions:

1. To create interest for your visitors and guide them toward exploring more pages of your website.

2. If you plan to only build a one page site you will want to deliver all of the information about your product/service/cause in a clear & story-like fashion. Then, end with a direct call-to-action or form submission.

With this in mind, browse the categories below to begin building your page!

Starting Blocks

Pages like this typically are built with these core components. Feel free to add or subtract sections!

  • Navigation
  • Hero
  • Logo List
  • Content Section
  • Video Content
  • Icon Grid
  • Team Section
  • Call to Action
  • Splash/Lead
  • Footer


As the first thing people see when they visit any page of your website, a hero section is the area that immediately shows up on the screen under your navigation bar.

Logo List

Logo lists are very great tools for establishing trust with your visitors!

Placing the Logo List near the top of the page can be advantageous by helping you establish trust early on.

If you'd like to showcase a list of brands who use your product/service or show a list of credible press & media outlets that have covered your business, then a Logo List is the right tool for the job.


Your website exists to provide information about your product/service or important cause.

Choose from the Content components below to display and layout your information in ways that best suit your situation.

Pro Tip: Websites are meant to educate & convey messages to visitors and save them time in the process.We recommend making your copywriting as short & effective as possible for a better overall experience for your visitors.

Video Content

Do you have video content hosted on Youtube or Vimeo that you'd like to display on your new site? 

Video is the #1 preferred way to consume information whether it is educational or entertaining.

Use a Video Component to create an preferred experience for your visitors.

Icon Grid

Icon Grids are useful for showcasing isolated features, benefits, values in relation to your product/services.

If you have custom icons made for your business, this is a great place to show them off and enhance your brand experience.


Dedicating a section or page on your site to showcase your team is an incredible way to humanize your brand.

It will give your potential customers an easy way to see the skills & personalities of the people who make everything possible.

Call To Action

Once your customer is properly informed, you want them to take a specific action.

In many cases, call to action sections are best sprinkled across the entire website towards the bottom of each page.

Lead Form

This component is extremely useful to have across many pages of your website to take in specific information from the customer that is unique to your business.

Use Lead forms for setting up appointments, as a channel for customer service, and much more.

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